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  C A S E D E S I G N & F E A T U R E S  

There are several features of Schweighofer pianos that distinguish them from other pianos: the hexagonal collar of the legs used through much of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th. Another typical feature is the 2-piece folding lid. This list is not exhaustive and other variants may exist.

Leg styles:

Up to mid 19th c.
Piano Opus 1336

Mid to late 19th c.
Piano Opus 8692

Late 19th to 20th c.
Piano Opus 9380

Interwar period 
Piano Opus ?

Keyboard lid styles:

Old - 2-piece folding lid, concealed in the action cavity when opened (from Opus 3326, 1867):


1st half folded over


New - 1-piece normal keyboard lid (piano Opus ? 1930-1940):