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These are images from the Schweighofer 100-year Jubilee Catalogue (published in 1892). The catalogue includes a history of the company, drawings and descriptions of various grand and upright piano models, as well as action drawings and images of the factory. The text is in German. 
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Cover & introduction

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Very old piano models

~ 1792 - Oldest Schweighofer square piano

KatalogSchweighofer18.jpg (103935 bytes) 

~ 1842 - Concert grand

KatalogSchweighofer19.jpg (487212 bytes)

Contemporary piano models - in 1892, the date of the catalogue:

~ Concert grands description, model I

KatalogSchweighofer10.jpg (153218 bytes) KatalogSchweighofer11.jpg (138769 bytes) KatalogSchweighofer12.jpg (171445 bytes) KatalogSchweighofer13.jpg (105722 bytes) 

~ Concert, medium & baby grand pianos with repetition action, cast iron frame, models I, Ia and II 

KatalogSchweighofer20.jpg (102102 bytes) KatalogSchweighofer21.jpg (89472 bytes)

~ Medium & baby grand with repetition action, models Ia and II (description)

KatalogSchweighofer14.jpg (81507 bytes)

~ Concert grand & smaller pianos with Viennese action, cast iron frame, models III and IV

KatalogSchweighofer22.jpg (117075 bytes) KatalogSchweighofer23.jpg (89286 bytes)

~ Mignon grand with Viennese action, cast iron frame, model VII

KatalogSchweighofer24.jpg (100208 bytes) KatalogSchweighofer25.jpg (80964 bytes)

~ Grands with composite (forged) iron frames, models V, Va and VI

KatalogSchweighofer26.jpg (105712 bytes) KatalogSchweighofer27.jpg (85397 bytes) <= model VI

~ Upright piano, baroque style

KatalogSchweighofer28.jpg (120638 bytes) KatalogSchweighofer29.jpg (86052 bytes)

~ Upright piano, "black wood" style

KatalogSchweighofer30.jpg (122207 bytes)


Action drawings

Schweighofer_p2.jpg (372720 bytes)

Fig. 1 - double escapement repetition action for concert grands
Fig. 2 - half-English (or Anglo-German) repetition action for model
Ia and II grands
Fig. 3 - Viennese action
Fig. 4 - upright piano action



Factory & Clavier-Salon: 

KatalogSchweighofer_x1.jpg (155547 bytes) KatalogSchweighofer_x2.jpg (110601 bytes)

The catalogue was graciously provided by Alexander Langer from Klagenfurt, Austria. He can be contacted for more information at .

Updated: 08.10.2006

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